Registration Bar Camp Marseille

Yay, we are so happy that you want to register for our Bar Camp in Marseille from 17-19 June.
At this meeting we want to take the first steps to prepare our German-French Youth Congress in autumn 2023 with your ideas.

We will send you more information about the programme as soon as possible, but here is a rough timeline of the weekend:

Fr, 17.06 11:00- 20:00

Sa, 18.06 09:00-20:00

Su, 19.06 09:00-12:00

We start on Friday at 11am, so some of you may have to arrive on Thursday, please take this into account in your planning as we expect you to be able to participate in the workshop for the entire period. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

The general working language is English, but the Bar Camp is of course a good place to practice your French and German. Don’t worry: You do not have to speak perfect English. As long as you can express yourself, everything is fine, we will be supporting each other.

Please register as soon as possible and no later than the 3rd of June.

Your arrival and departure information will be requested separately approx. 2 weeks before the Bar Camp. We-edu:impact- will send you a form and book your tickets.

This 2 minute video also explains the bar camp and why you should sign up.

If you have any questions/wishes/comments, please feel free to contact us via

We are looking forward to seeing you and send our best regards,

Andreas Christ & Nina Ziller from edu:impact, responsible for the peer-to-peer project „Young European Professionals“ (short: YEPs)

Nina Fries, Sabine Scherrer & Paul Langer from denk global, responsible for the peer-to-peer project „team GLOBAL“ (short: TG)